Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery

The nasal vestibular valve may cause nasal airway obstruction in the case of nasal valve collapse. The vestibular valve sits just inside the nostril rim. Nasal valve collapse or compromise is usually caused by lateral nostril rim collapse or vestibular webbing. Lateral nostril rim collapse results from either weak nostril rims or buckling of cartilage higher in the nose.

Correction of nasal valve collapse requires cartilage grafts to support the nose. This may be achieved with nasal septal or ear cartilage. The lateral crural strut graft is one technique that may be used. This technique involves placement of a cartilage graft under the lateral crura. The graft helps to strengthen, straighten, and support the vestibular valve and lateral crura, correcting the nasal valve collapse.

In the below case of nasal valve collapse, the junction of cartilage caused nasal valve collapse into the airway. Nasal valve surgery was performed to correct the problem, with a lateral crural strut graft placed to correct the nasal vestibular valve collapse. This patient achieved additional airway improvement from septoplasty and spreader grafts. The columella was straightened with a columellar strut. The medial crural footplate was reduced with suture placement and fixation toward the midline.

Vestibular Valve Surgery Photos

Nasal airway reconstruction and other nasal valve surgery may involve multiple parts of the nose as seen in this case. In complex cases such as this case, it is important to be evaluated by a rhinoplasty surgeon, like Dr. Bray, Jr., who specializes in complex nasal reconstruction. To schedule a consultation please call (310)326-9400.