Caudal Septal Deviation

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Are you having a hard time breathing? Though there are many causes of nasal obstruction, you may be suffering from a septal deviation.

The caudal septum is the part of the nasal septum closest to the opening of the nostrils. The caudal septum should sit in the middle of the nose over the nasal spine. In this position the septum helps support the nasal tip and allows for equal airflow through the nostrils. If the caudal septum is not sitting where it should be, this can result in difficulty breathing through the nose and may require surgical treatment.

Correcting a caudal septal deviation depends on the cause of the deviation. In some cases, the septum has shifted off of the nasal spine and repositioning the septum over the spine will fix the problem. The septum will be positioned over the nasal spine and fixated with a stitch. In other cases, the caudal septum has a curved or incorrect shape that needs correction. This may be treated by cartilage or bone grafting to straighten the cartilage. In more complex cases the entire caudal septum is removed and replaced with straight cartilage. Caudal septal surgery may be complex. It is important to find a surgeon who is familiar with these techniques. Dr. David Bray, Jr. is a Los Angeles plastic surgeon who specializes in complex nasal reconstruction. Dr Bray can address any of your rhinoplasty needs. Please call Dr. Bray, Jr. at (310) 326-9400 to schedule an appointment today!