Skin Cancer Plastic Surgery

Patient underwent skin cancer excision of the nose by Mohs procedure. She presented to Dr. Bray, Jr. with a complex nasal defect. Dr. Bray, Jr. performed forehead flap reconstruction with cartilage graft to reconstruct the nose.

The patient presented with an open wound of the nose after undergoing Mohs surgery. Dr. Bray, Jr. performed a bilobe flap reconstruction of the nose.

This patient underwent skin cancer excision of the upper lip by his dermatologist with the Mohs technique. The defect was reconstructed by Dr. Bray, Jr.

Patient underwent skin cancer excision by his dermatologist resulting in a large cheek and upper lip defect. The defect extended through the muscle of the lip and extended through the oral mucosa. Dr. Bray, Jr. performed the lip and cheek reconstruction.

Patient presented with skin cancer of the thumb. Dr. Bray, Jr. performed excision and reconstruction with a full thickness skin graft.

Patient presented after his dermatologist removed skin cancer from his right ear. Dr. Bray, Jr. performed ear reconstruction.

This man underwent plastic surgery to close the wound left by removal of skin cancer on his nose.

The patient presented after excision of a skin cancer of the nose. The patient had a complex nasal defect involving skin and underlying cartilage. Dr. David Bray, Jr. performed a forehead flap to reconstruct the nasal skin. In addition, Dr. Bray, Jr. placed cartilage grafts to reconstruct the nasal cartilage and to support the nasal airway

The patient presented after Mohs surgery performed by his dermatologist for skin cancer of the scalp. The scalp wound extended down to the underlying bone. Dr. David Bray, Jr. performed three scalp rotation flaps with skin grafting of the donor site of the right parietal flap to reconstruct this very large complex scalp wound.

Patient underwent skin cancer excision of the left temple by MOHS procedure. She was left with open wound defect. Dr. Bray Jr. preformed reconstruction closure surgery with skin graft.