Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer

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Autologous fat transfer is the transfer of fat from one part of your body to a different part of your body.  The fat is transported as a free graft, meaning the fat does not remain attached to a pedicle or any blood vessels.  The fat graft must develop a blood supply in the new location where it is transferred.

The Consultation

At the time of consultation, Dr. Bray, Jr. will evaluate the areas where you desire augmentation or more volume.  This may be the face or body.  Dr. Bray will then evaluate areas that may be used as donor sites.  These are areas of excess fatty tissue which may benefit from removal of fatty tissue.

The Procedure

Fat transfer may be performed under local anesthesia for small transfers of general anesthesia when more fat is being transferred.  When Dr. Bray is performing fat transfer to the face an area is selected as a donor site.  The most common area is the abdomen.  A small fat harvester cannula is used to remove the necessary fat for the procedure.  The fat is removed carefully in order to provide improved contour in the abdomen.  The fat is then prepared for transfer by removing excess fluid.  The fat is then injected using a small fat injection blunt tipped cannula.  The fat is placed in multiple tunnels in the area of augmentation until an adequate amount of augmentation has been performed.

Another popular area for fat transfer is the buttocks.  This area requires more fat than the facial area.  In some cases fat must be harvested from more than one area.  The fat is usually harvested from the flanks and back.  Liposuction is performed to these areas and will help contour the hips, back, and the area above the buttocks.  The fat is then prepared and injected into the buttocks.  The injections are made through multiple tunnels with many small injections.

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