Dr. David Bray Jr. Reviews and Testimonials

  • “I had been talking about getting a facelift for years. Finally, when my 50th birthday arrived, I decided to do something about it. …During my initial consultation with Dr. Bray, Jr., he thoroughly explained the lower facelift procedure. My facelift would be specifically tailored for my face. We discussed my expectations and he completely answered all of my questions. He showed me what my face would look like after the procedure. I had complete confidence and trust in him. We were “on the same page” and I booked my surgery that day!…
  • During the months prior to my surgery, Dr. Bray and his staff were always available to answer questions related to my surgery…The day after my surgery was one of the happiest. When the bandages were removed, I could already see the results. My more youthful face had returned. The jowls and sagginess were gone…
  • It has been a little over two months since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I now wear my hair in a ponytail and away from my face all the time. My new look now fits with the way that I feel inside- alert and polished.
  • I wish everything in life could go as smoothly as my facelift procedure. Thank you, Dr. Bray, Jr., I look ten years younger and am so very happy!”
  • “Thank you Dr. Bray, Jr. for the very good job you did. He is a great surgeon and a great professional.”
  • “The staff is very friendly and professional. I’m so happy to have met Dr. Bray, Jr. He helps me look my best and I’m just so appreciative.”
  • “Dr. Bray, Jr. and his staff made my surgery such a positive experience. From my consult with all my questions answered, to my follow up appointments, everything went well. I would recommend Dr. Bray, Jr., to everyone.”
  • “Having treatment in Dr. Bray Jr.’s office was an extremely pleasant experience. I was impressed by the competence and friendliness of the staff. Dr. Bray, Jr. clearly explained my options and performed the procedure with skill and expertise to insure an excellent result.”
  • “I am very happy with my facial surgery due to skin cancer removal. Dr. Bray did a fantastic job on my reconstruction. I would and will highly recommend him to all.”
  • “Every time I look in the mirror I thank Dr. Bray for the wonderful job he did with the basal cell excision and plastic closure. I have people come up to me who know how apprehensive I was about everything and tell me they can’t even tell I had surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Bray and have given his card to my friends.”
  • “Thank you Dr. Bray, Jr. I felt confident from the first I met you. I appreciate your work and am pleased with the outcome. Thank you again.”
  • “I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I have had with you and the women in your practice. I was extremely nervous to get a rhinoplasty but I realized how important it was for my quality of life to have it done. You were patient with me and took the time to really explain my options and how the surgery would be performed. I could not be happier with the outcome. I am thrilled!! I am so thankful I found you and would not hesitate to come back again someday if I needed any type of plastic surgery.

    Also, both Nicole and Jennifer were always so friendly and helpful; every question I had was answered in a friendly, cheerful way. I would recommend your practice in a heartbeat, and I thank you again for being a brilliant surgeon!!!”

  • “My experience was great and the ear turned out beautiful.”
  • “Dr. Bray, Jr. is very nice and makes you feel very comfortable, yet still very professional. He’s great at what he does.”
  • “I came in because a dermatologist removed skin cancer and left Dr. Bray Jr. to reconstruct a quarter size in my chest. Dr. Bray, Jr. did an awesome job closing the wound that it it barely a small white line. I would highly recommend him to anyone having surgery.”
  • “I just wanted to say Thank You! You and your entire office staff have been so good to me. I feel like a new person because of you. I am beyond satisfied with my results. I have received so many compliments. Everyone was so attentive and caring. I felt so safe with you and your office. Thank you for the ‘new me’! I will be forever grateful!!”
  • “What can I say? I knew I had chosen the right surgeon on the morning of surgery when my heart was racing erratically on the monitor and spending 20 minutes with you while you were preparing for surgery. Your beautiful calm presence and demeanor really helped my heart rate return to a calm place and I surrendered in trust. You are a gifted surgeon but also a gifted spirit. Thank You from the fullness of my heart.”
  • “Three weeks ago my sister and I had lower face lifts. The experience was seamless for each of us. My sister will tell her story, but I just wanted to mention that this was a sisterly affair! I couldn’t believe how fast I recuperated. The procedure was painless. Even after the anesthetic wore off, the discomfort that I experienced was minimal. I did not take any pain medications beyond the one pill immediately after the procedure. The evening after surgery, Dr. Bray’s office contacted me to ensure that I was all right. What’s so wonderful about my lower face lift is that it’s oh, so natural looking! I look refreshed and I feel refreshed. There’s a marked improvement in my face and neck. People that know me have commented on how rested I look. I’ve been asked if I had a makeover. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Bray’s skill, knowledge and character. Dr. Bray’s surgical assistant and the office staff reflect his attention to detail, as well. Each person in Dr. Bray’s office is kind, thoughtful and most pleasant. Nicole was my primary point of contact. I have nothing but kudos for her. The day after surgery, Dr. Bray removed the bandages and put a head compression wrap around my face and neck. The head compression wrap did not fit my head comfortably, it was too big. Nicole did research and found the perfect head compression wrap. She ordered it and I had it within four days after the procedure. She went the extra mile to ensure that I got what I needed. Anyone desiring to improve the ravages of time should have a consultation with Dr. Bray. You won’t have any regrets. I have no reservations in letting others know that Dr. Bray is amongst the best in his field.”
  • “Woohoo for Dr Bray Jr!!!! I am 43 years old but I looked 48. Looked being the operative word. Dr Bray is a miracle worker. I am completely thrilled with my beautiful face. In February, I had a lower face and neck lift. I had too many wrinkles to count and my neck was saggy. I could not stand to look at myself in the mirror. I did my homework on Dr Bray, but what really sealed the deal was my consultation. I told him what I wanted and I got it. I can honestly say that I look beautiful. I feel beautiful and the mirror is now my friend. Thank you Dr. Bray for making me look younger than my age.”
  • “When looking for a cosmetic surgeon that is not only extremely skilled but also empathetic, please consider Dr. David Bray Jr. He took a lot of time with me to figure out exactly how to approach my surgeries….yes, that is plural. He studied my photo’s extensively, interviewed me at length to determine what outcome we could expect and always treated me with a gentleness and kindness that was priceless. His staff is great…..Nicole, Jennifer and Maria were all fantastic and kind. Every visit was flawless, on time and efficient. I am very happy with Dr. David Bray Jr., his staff and most importantly, his work as a skilled surgeon. I highly recommend him!”
  • “Dr. Bray performed a mommy makeover on me last August 2014. I couldn’t be happier with him and his staff! From beginning to end they were all very attentive and professional. Dr. Bray’s work is flawless and amazing. I was so grateful to have found him! He is a hidden gem in the South Bay. Thank you Dr. Bray, Jennifer, Nicole and Maria for giving me zest back in my life! I will forever be grateful for you guys!”